What My Clients Say


Had an absolutely wonderful reading with Julie today. Accurate, insightful and confirmation that my loved ones are still with me.

Highly recommended. I'll definitely be back again in the future. Thanks again


Julie was fantastic! Very insightful and I really enjoyed my session with her. 


Julie is very professional and puts you at ease straight away. I was very lucky to receive so many messages from my family in spirit, their messages mentioned things which are very current in my life and gave me much comfort. I thoroughly recommend Julie if you too want to connect with someone in spirit, her prices are extremely good value as well. I look forward to contacting Julie again in the future!


I had a phone reading with Julie, wow, amazing. We had some good laughs about some antics that my grandad was up to, as well as receiving special gifts from my gran. My gran had never met my son,  but was able to describe him in detail and mentioning his love for ice cream. That confirmed that our loved ones who have passed most definitely are around us and never actually leave us. Thank you Julie you are a stunning human angel.


It was a real pleasure speaking to Julie and her trustworthy and very kind approach made me feel very comfortable when speaking to her.  As my reading progressed, I felt there was a true connection between us and she really picked up on my issues.  I definitely feel more guided and more confident that I am on the right path.  Thanks Julie!


I have been to you twice now, and it was amazing the things you said to me.  I was very pleased with the last reading as my husband passed away a few months ago and I had all sorts of things going on in my head. After the reading, I do feel more at peace. You are an amazing person with such a talented gift. I will recommend you to friends. thanks once again.


Me and my mum found it very useful and were amazed by what you had said to us. It's nice to be able to hear from loved ones who are sadly not here anymore. I think it's amazing that you told me about someone you never knew and didn't know anything about. We really appreciate what you told us and our family was happy to here that our passed relatives are around us and it's like there really there. X


Julie was able to bring up past memories of people I'd forgotten. She was able to bring me back to my past and reunite me with those that were (and still are) so important to me. She answered my questions and gave me comfort in knowing that my parents who had passed were happy and peaceful and watching over my family and that things were good


I cannot express how happy you made me feel after my reading. I had all sorts of things going round in my head about my loved one who had passed. Your connection with her brought me, not only the closure I needed, but also a feeling of relief that she was in a good place and hadn’t suffered in her extremely quick passing. Thank you so much!


I had an awesome reading from Julie. She picked up on so much, and all positive, that fits in with what will be happening in a few months.
I've also got my answers about my angel baby, and have managed to feel more relaxed about what I went through and can cope better now that I have my answers. Such an amazing lovely lady, will be back for more readings  :) Thank you so much Julie I really can't thank you enough.


Hi Julie, would just like to say thank you for my reading with you the other day. Having my best friend and my favourite uncle come through was amazing. I enjoyed the experience very much even though there were tears they were tears of joy to know they are watching over me with love. I will definitely come back and see you again as it was a great experience and look forward to seeing what was said will come true for me "I do hope so